Feb 19, 2010


If you want to know why Indonesian Nation that consists of various ethnic, religious, cultural, and language, can still maintain the integrity and unity, perhaps this is one answer. The Indonesian people, both government and society in general, understand that the unity of the nation can only be created if all the people respect each other, help each other, and look after each other. This has been implemented both in government’s rules, as well as in everyday life, one called Gotong Royong (mutual cooperation).
a kind of gotong royong picture by: www.dalimunthe.com
Gotong Royong is a tradition of doing things together. In Indonesia, it is used as the main issue in three political periods of Indoensian nation. In history of independence, it had been noted that Gotong Royong became an important element in the life of Indonesian. At the time of the government of President Sukarno, Gotong Royong is a "sacred word" that always been floated to him, even once in one of his speech, President Sukarno's stated that if Pancasila, the philosophy of Indonesia, squeezed into one principle, then it is principle would be Gotong Royong.
At the time of President Suharto, although not as strict at the time of Sukarno’s reign, Gotong Royong remained one of the important words. Various facts disclosed to support the view that Gotong Royong is the nature of the Indonesian nation. Gotong Royong is ranging from agricultural systems together, the festivity, building house, and all sorts of community activities.
Gotong Royong was also used by President Megawati Sukarnoputri who used these words to name his cabinet (2001-2004). Cabinet Gotong Royong was inaugurated in 2001 and the duties ended in 2004. She hoped that Gotong Royong Cabinet would able to build Indonesia together towards a common prosperity.
Unfortunately, Gotong Royong spirit now begins to erode due to entry of the culture of individualism and materialism. Even in urban areas, Gotong Royong is becoming obsolete.


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