Feb 22, 2010


Indonesian richness, photo by: www.syadera.wordpress.com
As the largest country in Southeast Asia, Indonesia has very abundant natural resources, even a gold mine in Papua now is regarded as the largest in the world. In general, Indonesia's natural wealth has known widely for centuries that this country was sought after and colonized by other countries such as Portuguese, Dutch, and English who knew the potential riches of in this country. 
Although physically the colonial period has passed, now other countries who know the potential of natural resources in Indonesia are still trying to retrieve part of the wealth of Indonesia. Data show that foreign companies such as Freeport (USA), Newmont (USA) Shell (USA), Exxon Mobile (USA), Chevron (USA), and Fuchs (Germany) have been operating in this country since a few years ago and has gained big benefits of these operations.
 In addition, Indonesia is also the largest producer of liquefied natural gas (LNG) in the world (20% of world supply), also the second largest tin producer. Furthermore, Indonesia was ranked 1st in agricultural products, namely: cloves & nutmeg, and No. 2 in the natural rubber and crude palm oil. Indonesia is also the largest exporter of plywood, which is about 80% in world markets. Meanwhile, coral reef in Indonesia is the richest (18% of the total world).
From these data, ideally, Indonesia can become one of the lands of hope. But in reality, there are still many poor families in this country. Many intelligent people migrated to abroad. What is wrong? Is Indonesia really is a land of hope? 

Freeport Crater by: www.jalankrenzzz.wordpress.com


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