Feb 24, 2010


traffic jam, transportation problem in Indonesia 
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Convenience in travel is very much influenced by means of transportation. Various interesting experience when visiting a place would be more meaningful when the journey, we were treated well by the comfort in driving. Therefore, the selection of means of transportation should be one of your considerations, especially if you visit Indonesia as a large country that offers a million natural charms.
Means of transportation in this country is very diverse, from ferry, trains, buses, rickshaws, horse cart, until the motorcycle. You can also rent a car or some private means of transportation if you want to drive on your own in this country of thousand islands. However, there are some things you should put attention, related transportation in Indonesia, namely:
1.  Most foreign tourists come to Indonesia through two international airports, namely the Sukarno-Hatta Jakarta and Ngurah-Rai Denpasar, Bali. From both the airport, a few domestic flights can be made to visit the islands throughout Indonesia.
2.  Land routes on the island of Java has a pretty good quality of road but very solid at some point because it is used also by large logistics vehicles. Therefore, if you want to travel through the land route on the island of Java, please entrust local drivers who have mastered the field. Renting a car and driving alone on the island of Java would be very risky.
3.  For the backpacker, looking for friends and hire a car plus driver together would be more comfortable than choosing local transportation which sometimes using old cars. Unlike in Japan which has many limitations, the age of vehicles in Indonesia is very diverse, and some public transport use more than 30 old cars.
4.  If you want to try driving a car or motorcycle in Indonesia, this country use left-side rules and left lane as the main point. Be ready for that.
5.  Currently, rental rates on a car with driver in Indonesia range from 400 thousand Rupiahs to millions of Rupiahs, depending on the type and brand of car. For motorcycles, rates range from 40 to 70 thousand Rupiahs per day. Sometimes, it is based on how well you can bargain.
      In order to get more enjoyable vacation in Indonesia, find and get the best travel agent to take you to the beauty of this country. Since they are good at giving you the best price based on how difficult the terrain to pass, they know how to get the best way to take you to. 


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