Mar 9, 2010


ARINA, picture by:
In the world automotive development, Indonesian people should be proud of their success. In the middle of trust of automotive industries in the world of Indonesian technicians with licensing and motor assembly, Indonesian students are able to make their own instead of domestic cars. With their creativity, some students of Semarang State University (Unnes) has been able to create a beautiful little car named ARINA (Armada Indonesia).
ARINA, picture by:
ARINA which tend to adopt the model of City Car has a capacity of 150 cc engine, 200 cc, 250 cc and has a length of about 3 meters, volume of about 2400 liters, seating capacity for two people, and luggage. ARINA fuel consumption is a premium type which can run this beautiful car about 40 kilometers/ liter. Like the widely adopted in China, in the development of manufacturing process, almost all the spare parts of ARINA are made in Indonesia by empowering Small and Medium Enterprises.
However, by its creator, Widya Aryadi, ARINA is categorized as a type of UPV (Urban Personal Vehicle).  ARINA is specially produced for urban communities, so that the front name is called Urban. In addition, trademarks ARINA now also been registered in the Ministry of Law and Human Rights for the category of transportation equipment. To be able to compete with other automotive products, prices ARINA as the work of one lecture of Faculty of Mechanical Engineering Unnes is around 30 million rupiahs / unit, quite cheap compared to Japanese cars which normally reach more than one hundred million.


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