Mar 6, 2010


Dian Al-Mahri, photo taken form:
If you are in Indonesia, try to visit Dian Al-Mahri Mosque. This mosque was built on the edge of the roadway of Meruyung-Cinere, Depok, West Java. Besides being a place of worship for Muslims, the complex of this mosque also functions as playground areas for families and tourists.  Dian Al Mahri attracts many people from its golden-made domes. 
Dian Al-Mahri mosque was built by Hj. Dian Djuriah Maimun Al Rashid, a businesswoman from Jakarta. The building took 5 years to be completely constructed, from 2001 to 2006. With 50 hectares area, the complex of this mosque occupies area of 60 x 120 meters or about 8000 square meters and can accommodate about 20,000 worshipers.
Interior of Dian Al-Mahri, photo taken form:
Dian Al Mahri Mosque has 5 domes, one main dome and 4 small ones. Uniquely, the domes are gilded with 2-to-3 millimeters thick gold and mosaic crystal. The main dome resembles that of Taj Mahal in India, which has a bottom diameter of 16 meters, 20 meters in diameter middle, and 25 meters high. While the 4 small domes have a diameter less than 6 meters at the bottom, 7 meters middle, and 8 meters in the upper. Also in this mosque, there is an 8-ton hanging chandelier, directly imported from Italy. Relief ornament on top of in the main room of Dian Al-Mahri mosque was also made of 18 carat gold. In addition, the crown pillar of the mosque which amounted to 168 pieces layered materials or remaining prado gold.

In general, Dian Al-Mahri follows the typology of the mosque architecture in the Middle East with characteristic dome, tower, inner courtyard, and the use of detail or decorative ornaments with geometric elements and obelisks, to strengthen the Islamic character of the architecture.  This beautiful mosque was built around a good arrangement and detail park. In addition to the park, residences of the founders of the mosque and the building of a multipurpose resting place of the visitors are also available. As for parking, put up an area of 7000 square meters can accommodate 300 buses or 1.400 small cars.


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