Mar 24, 2010


Carstenz Pyramid, picture taken from:
Being the highest point in Indonesia, approximately 4.884 meters above sea level, Carstenz Pyramid is famous as the roof of Indonesia. Among Indonesians, Carstenz Pyramid is widely known as Puncak Jaya, Puncak means the peak and Jaya means victory. This name is taken from the history of the successful effort of Indonesian army to take control Papua.

Carstenz Pyramid itself comes from the name of a Dutch Navigator, Jan Carstenz who first sighted a snow or glacier in the top of this mountainous range and spread the news to Europe. This news firstly became a controversial due to the location of Papua in tropical country. Being a curiosity, some Dutch explorers tried to prove that news by holding an expedition and after finding the news true and spread the peak name as Carstenz while Pyramid came from the shape of the peak which is like pyramid in Egypt.

Carstenz Pyramid is one of the seven summits in the world which is famous among climbers. They found climbing Carstenz Pyramid is challenging not only because of its height and harsh terrain but also because of its glacier. In fact, glacier on Carstenz Pyramid can be found not at the top of it but on its slopes. Several times this glacier disappeared due to weather condition and is predicted to be forever gone if global warming continue.


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