Mar 20, 2010


The top of Mount Semeru, picture by:
Mt. Mahameru, also called Mt. Semeru. Is the highest point at Java Island and second mount at Indonesia which height 3676 m a.s.l.  As one of active mountains in this country, Semeru has small eruption every 20 minutes, consisting a cauldron fade black concentrated volcanic dust and sand. This mount  stands between two residences, Malang and  Lumajang on 8°06' South Latitude and 120°55' East Longitude geographical position.
From a distance, this mount il like a perfect cone, but if we are on the top of its peak, Mahameru, Semeru looks like a wide dome with a swell on its slanting side. Jonggring Saloka, name of this cauldron, in 1913 and 1946 was fulfilled a cauldron's dome. At south of the top, this dome broke through edge of cauldron. It caused brook of lava flowed to south side, at Pasirian, Candiputro and Lumajang region.
As another high land, a route to Mt. Semeru so so cold, reaching around 3° C - 8° C on night and early morning, 15° C - 21° C on afternoon. Sometimes, we can find a unique phenomena, snowy rain that happen at transition-dry season to rainy or instead of it. Minimum temperature not only causes static air but also increasing of wind, which flow to this area.
First mountaineer who climbed this mount was CLIGNET (1838). He was a geologist from Holland, climbing from southwest passed Widodaren. Second mountaineer was Junhuhn (1945), botany scientist also from Holland. He climbed from north edge, passed Mt.Ayek-ayek, Mt.Inder-inder and Mt.Kepolo. In 1911, Van Gogg and Heim climbed through north slanting side. After 1945 until now, mountaineers usually climb through North slanting side at Ranupane and Ranukumbolo.


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