Mar 21, 2010


Mount Agung from Besakih Temple, picture by:
When you visit Bali, Indonesia, probably you will see the highest point near Ubud, that is Mount Agung. As the highest mountain in Bali island, Mount Agung ha a height of 3.142 M from sea level. This mount is located in district of Rendang Karangasem Regency, Bali. Mount Agung is a stratovolcano that has very big and deep cauldron which sometimes releases aqueous vapor and smoke.
From Besakih Temple, this mount looks as sharp-pointed trapeze of perfection, though this top of the mountain ends at wide and circle cauldron. Meanwhile, from the top of Mount Agung, we can see top of the mount Rinjani residing in Lombok island. Air in the morning is still clean so that we can see into other mountains in the island of Bali. Before afternoon, the body and the top of Mount Agung usually will be blanketed by cloud.
Climbing to this top of the mountain can start from three climbing route:
- From south, that is from strait passing Sangkan Kuasa
- From southeast, that is from Budakeling passing Nangka
- From southwest, that is from Besakih temple.
Even though the most difficult and longest popular route, Besakih Route is often use by climbers. Besides passing complex of the famous Besakih Temple, we can see a good view to get an interesting impression alongside journey. As long as this route, there is no wellspring so that climbers have to bring adequate water supply. 


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