May 27, 2010


The popularity of Google Adsense as one of the  world's largest PPC business in internet is no way to be doubtful. Thousands or even millions of dollars have flowed from this advertising business filling almost all the famous sites in this world. However, do you know that Indonesia once became one of the country's largest contributors to the popularity of Google Adsense?
As a country in which internet connection experienced rapid growth in recent years, Indonesia was ranked first in contributing to Google Adsense keywords, namely in the years 2007 and 2008. This indicated that the curiosity and the involvement of Indonesian people towards this advertising business reached its peak in these two years.
However, over the last two years, the position was taken over by Pakistan. This shift may be because Indonesian community began pessimistic with Google Adsense since the coming of many international competitors, such as Chitika, Bidvertiser, as well as local competitors like AdsenseCamp and PPCIndo. In addition, the declining position could also be caused by the moving of many online Indonesian businessmen into other business models such as Paid to Review, Paid to Click, or Paid to Read E-mail due to their sharply decreasing income from Google Adsense.
The pessimistic of Indonesian society against Google Adsense was also due to the difficulty to be a partner in this advertising business. For new bloggers, Google Adsense business is one of their yearnings but because of the difficulty to be its members, many of them later on abandon this PPC business. Moreover, many existing Google Adsense partners from Indonesia were shocked and then became antipathy because their account were suddenly banned by Google without detailed explanations. This was a phenomenon of Google Adsense Business in Indonesia recently.


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