May 5, 2010


Along with the development and progress of the Internet world in Indonesia, many parties began to worry of the spreading of local virus. So far, according to a prominent local anti-virus in Indonesia, SMADAV, at least 1000 kind of quite dangerous viruses and worms attack computer users in this country.
However, Indonesia should be proud because this country raises a lot of new experts in computer field, particularly virus experts. Local viruses made in Indonesia that currently have sprung up like AnakSMU, Bharatayuda, BungaCitraLestari, Lunamaya, as well as other viruses whose names tend to be taken from the names of the artist or popular terms in Indonesia have been able to be anticipated by some local recommended antivirus such as PCMAV , ANSAV, and SMADAV.
The popularity of antivirus experts in Indonesia has been recognized internationally so that a regular meeting of world experts on the virus, the Association of Antivirus Asia Researchers (AVAR), plans to hold a regular meeting in November 2010 in Bali, Indonesia. AVAR is a non-profit organization, as an union of antivirus security observer in the Asia Pacific region. However, due to world economic development that is slowly shifting to the Asia Pacific region where countries like China, India Indonesia, and Russia have a huge potential growth, AVAR conference has become the conference of the world malware observers.
Even though currently Indonesia does not have anti-virus products that are able to show off at the regional level, but in fact in the history of virus, Indonesia has a strong foundation to become one of the players in the global arena. Based on the optimism, AVAR began to be held in Indonesia. In this conference, AVAR will much discuss about the threat of malware on social networking sites, internet, and corporate networks, and in mobile platforms.


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