Jun 5, 2010


Have you ever watched the movie of GI JOE: film illustrating an elite team of U.S. combat with an elite team of international crime syndicates, or TRANSFORMERS which tells the battle among robots? If yes, do you know that the very popular movies were apparently adapted from comic? More than that, do you know that one of the illustrators of GI JOE and TRANSFORMERS comics is an Indonesian? He is Chris Lie.
Chris Lie or Christiawan Lie, who was born in Bandung, 5 September 1974, is a comic illustrator from Indonesia that successfully penetrates the competitive world of comics. Chris Lie works every day, completing a number of comics and illustrations for the worldwide projects.
Based on his hobby, Chris is motivated to be a comic illustrator. That's what makes Chris was willing to leave his world as an architect after graduating in 1997 from Bandung Institute of Technology, and obtained cum laude. In 2003, Chris got the Fulbright Scholarship to pursue a master's program at the Savannah College of Art and Design, Savannah, United States. He took a master in the field of sequential art program.
One year later, Chris received an internship at the Devil's Due Publishing (DDP) after invited by his friend who worked as an animator in the three-dimensional gaming company. When the company of Hasbro, where GI Joe and Transformers project handled, gave bid to DDP for an action figures project, ChrisHe was asked to help and it turns out Chris’ picture was surprisingly chosen by the company. That was the early success of Chris Lie, an Indonesian illustrator.


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