Jan 31, 2010


Do you have any further review of the profession of people around you? Is there any profession that you think is unique? If there is, try to compare it with one of the rare professions in the world usually found in Indonesia, a famous country for its mystical things so that is considered the most haunted. The Profession is known as "Juru Kunci," almost similar to warden.
Juru Kunci is the guardian of sacred places that are generally found on the island of Java, the most populous island of Indonesia. The main task of Juru Kunci is very unique when associated with logic, that is:
1. Maintaining and caring for sacred places such as graveyards/ tombs, mountains, or water sources, both in real and mystical.
2. Making offerings presented at certain times according to the Javanese calendar system for the spirits of that sacred place, usually unseen creature.
3. Ask permission to the spirits of visitors who want to enter the place.
Meanwhile, people like their professions because they want to make money, bus some Indonesian people works as Juru Kunci because of these reasons:
•  Inheriting the ancestral profession, from grandfather or father since Juru Kunci is usually a hereditary profession.
•  He/ she is believed as having great personality and can be trusted with the task so that was appointed by royal families or local communities.
•  Having a sixth-sense or supernatural power so that he/ she can communicate with other world beings.
•  Having influence of the environment so that is considered as a community elders.
Tasks and professional background is what makes Juru Kunci as a unique profession. Even if you do not believe in the unseen things, Juru Kunci remains a unique profession. 

Smilling Mbah Maridjan
Source: www.kfsemarang.com

If you're curious about the profession, search and read news about the popularity of Mbah Maridjan, Juru Kunci (The Warden) of Mount Merapi, appointed by the Sultan of Yogyakarta IX.


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