Feb 3, 2010


After the 911 tragedy that ruined twin towers in America by the terrorists who used the name of Islam, the world began to see Islam from every point of view. At first, the religion of Islam is considered as extremist, teaching violence and chaos so many that Muslims, including those who came from Indonesia in America, are frightened and afraid for his life. This situation made some Muslim religious leaders in Indonesia to provide the right insight to the world that Islam is not as cruel as the assumption of the world community.
Lesson from the life of Muslims in Indonesia who can co-exist with other religions was the basis for the religious leaders in this country to bridge the world of Islam with the West that began skeptical of this religion. Various socialization, lecture, and seminars were held in the United States and the Western world in general by bringing the Muslim religious leaders from Indonesia to provide a correct understanding of Islam. From that point , Indonesia slowly was able to bridge synergistic communication between Islam and the western world.
Unfortunately, some parties who had been skeptical of Islam just looked for justification to consider the religion of Islam remained good to be eliminated. This condition is exacerbated by the terrorist attacks in Indonesia which also used the name of Islam so that the public trust to Indonesia's effort to bridge Islam and the Western world began to recede. How could Indonesia become a bridge between Islam and the western world if Islam in this country also used violence? That was a common question raised about Indonesia at that time.
Gradually, with long and hard effort, Indonesia begins to be able to prove that all terror in this country is not a reflection of the life of Indonesian Muslims in general. This can be seen from the Indonesian opinion and the public disapproval of such terrorist activities, the proof that two foreign bombers involved as the main mastermind in Indonesian terrorist activities, and also the harmony of Indonesia community that until now is still preserved. For this reason, the efforts of Indonesia whose 88% of the population embraced Islam to bridge Islam with the west continue. Islam is not terrorism and terrorism is not Islamic teachings. 


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