Apr 14, 2010


The debate about the existence of UFOs (Unidentified Flying Object) has colored the world's media. Various speculations also emerged about whether or not the testimony of UFO sightings on earth is right. Even, a lot of films about UFOs have been made and be able to attract many spectators. However, perhaps only few people believe that UFO's is also one phenomena in Indonesia. Even in this country, now there is a UFO Observer Community known as Beta-UFO.
Beta-UFO Community noted, in a year, no fewer than 23 UFO sightings reported in Indonesia. According to the Director of Beta-UFO, everyone who reported the existence of UFOs in a conscious state, not sleeping or dreaming. For example Riyogarta Luwiyana Pratukto, a residents of Tangerang, on March 26, 2006, said that he saw a strange object in the sky as he and his wife was heading to the MC Donald, in the area of Sector 9, Bintaro. The item has a short tail, somewhat green in color.  The thing came out of nowhere and drove very quickly and then just disappeared when the sky was filled only by a thin cloud. Arriving at McDonald's, he also gave the news to his friend. It turns out that his friend also said that if her sister saw the same phenomenon, only the color is not green but blue.
In Nias has also been reported, on April 29, 2006, a UFOs was seen there. Testimony was given by Mikael Marbun via electronic mail sent to Beta-UFO. At that time, Marbun with three of her friends said that he saw a light aircraft that came with a background an in almost triangular shape. The thing stopped for 30 seconds and then left again at high speed. The incident took place at 12:00 noon. Weather at that time, according Marbun, was a little cloudy but no rain. The light that emerged from the aircraft resembled a bluish color and no noise.
Strange phenomenon has also been seen by most residents of Yogyakarta and Bantul, July 26, 2006. At around 19:30 am, some residents were surprised by flash of bright light moving faster. Soon, the voice of bang sounded twice. Flashes of bright light appeared from the east heading west and leaving a long trail of blue smoke which gradually disappeared after two minutes. A number of amateur astronomers who are members of the city of Yogyakarta, Jogja Astro Club (JAC), also had time to observe these phenomena at the beach Parangkusumo. Flashes of light were reported across the zenith Parangkusumo. 
Various stories submitted by the public can not so far become a prove that a UFO or a strange object from outer space exist and real. For researchers and observers of UFOs, the testimonies submitted by the public are the proof of the presence of UFOs on Earth. So believe it or not, UFO is still a phenomenon among us.


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